Oregon football history: Ducks and Maryland Terrapins set for first meeting

For the first time ever, the Oregon football team will get the chance to face off against the Maryland Terrapins. College football conference realignment certainly is something.
Autzen Stadium
Autzen Stadium / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

Throughout the entirety of Oregon football history, the Ducks have met up with numerous opponents across various conferences, playing in games all over the country. That said, there’s a team that has managed to elude the Ducks’ schedule until now: the Maryland Terrapins

With Oregon’s recent move into the Big Ten (and Maryland’s entrance into the conference about a decade ago), we’re finally getting a matchup between these two teams. 

It’s a bit of history being made! For the first time ever, the Maryland Terrapins and the Oregon Ducks will meet on the gridiron. Shoutout to unusual conference realignment for making this bizarre matchup a possibility that we would have never otherwise gotten.

Oregon Ducks football vs. Maryland Terrapins series summary

  • First meeting: N/A (Scheduled for 2024)
  • Last meeting: N/A
  • Oregon's record: 0-0
  • Total games: 0
  • Largest margin of victory: N/A

I mean, yeah, there’s no series history here yet. 

Oregon Ducks vs. Maryland Terrapins: A long-awaited matchup? Not really

Look, generally speaking, it’s fun to see a college football matchup that’s never happened before, but it’s not like either of these programs have all that much in common (other than wealthy backers from athletic wear companies throwing tons of money at their athletic departments).

And these two teams aren’t even really in the same caliber of programs these days. The Oregon Ducks are looking to contend for a national title. Maryland is simply hoping to break through the middle class of the Big Ten.

But hey, this is technically Oregon football history (and college football history being made. So, we should celebrate this, I think? I’m not totally sure. The national college football landscape is so weird these days that we’re now getting teams from the East Coast traveling all the way to the Pacific Northwest for conference games. It’s weird. 

But it’s the world we live in. And maybe Maryland can put up a bit of a fight to make this first meeting between the two programs kind of interesting?