Oregon football: In coach Dan Lanning we trust

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Liberty v Oregon
Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Liberty v Oregon / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

For Dan Lanning, one thing has been clear from the start of his time with Oregon football. The guy has been upfront and honest. Despite several of his predecessors being the opposite. In the case of Mario Cristobal, I get he had to play the ‘Go Home Again’ card and return to the Miami Hurricanes.  

Look, when you're a program like Oregon. One that is on the rise, and is top of mind for their uniforms, and most recently their success with quarterbacks, I expect that rumors will spread concerning the coaching staff if openings elsewhere become available.  

I remember when Lanning arrived at Oregon. The joke then was that if he went running anywhere, it would be back to his high school to become head coach, not off to another Division I program. Of course, there are a few spots where I could see the Ducks' head coach entertaining in the future – not now.  

Kirby Smart will eventually end up departing Georgia, likely not in the near future. Lanning could play the ‘home again card’ and it would be understood. I don’t see Lanning entertaining options at the NFL level. If he does it will be down the line as he just started his college coaching career and enters his third season as Ducks head coach in 2024.  

One thing I found interesting is that in stating he was remaining in Eugene....again, Lanning added a ‘pitch’ to student athletes, saying, if you don’t feel supported where you are, come here. Come to Eugene. Alabama has to fill a coaching vacancy and Oregon is in the best place possible to consider adding additional talent.  

Oregon enters the Big Ten this season. I expect the top names on the list may be from places like Washington and Florida State. The Seminoles missed out on the College Football Playoffs, and it would be poetic if Mike Norvell made the jump.  

Oregon head coach Dan Lanning has said enough in the media where I feel like he can be trusted with his word. He has said he has everything he wants or needs right here. Comforting words not said by the likes of Cristobal or Willie Taggart. He signed an extension prior to the end of the season, and his buyout is $20 million if not more. I don’t expect any high schools will come calling anytime soon. 

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