Oregon vs No. 16 Utah women's basketball: How to watch, injuries, matchups, more

Oregon center Phillipina Kyei is fouled by Portland State forward Lana Wenger.
Oregon center Phillipina Kyei is fouled by Portland State forward Lana Wenger. / Ben Lonergan/The Register-Guard / USA

The Utah Utes have been a Pac-12 powerhouse this season, playing at the top of their game and taking down No. 2 UCLA as well as No. 11 USC already.

Two Fridays ago, the Utes were just a shot or two away from tackling the beast that Stanford women’s basketball is this year while the Ducks struggled to even keep up with the Cardinal last week.

Now, Oregon will host Utah at Matthew Knight Arena and hopefully put up a good fight throughout the game. While the Utes are expected to walk away with the victory, a home crowd always seems to kick the Ducks up a gear.

Oregon is looking to bounce back from a two-loss weekend and improve their abysmal standing in the conference while Utah is looking to continue their dominant style of play which has been so successful thus far. 

How to watch Oregon vs. Utah WBB

Key matchups:

Utah’s scoring leader is forward Alisi Pili. With her height and ball-handling abilities, Grace VanSlooten will have quite the task at hand when it comes to guarding her. Phili is averaging 22.4 points and 1.1 blocks per game.

VanSloten will have to focus on putting up her usual numbers to keep the Ducks within range, she’s currently averaging 15.4 points per game which is the team lead.

The entire Duck team will have to play their best games in order to keep up with the Utes' scoring skills and ability to convert turnovers into extra points..

Forward Jenna Johnson leads the Utes in rebounds at 6.3 per game and will be met with Duck Phillipina Kyei, who at 6-foot-8 has a half-foot height advantage over Johnson.

The size difference between the two teams should help the Ducks stay in the game and maintain hope of securing the win.

Lastly, Chance Gray and Ines Vieira squaring off at the guard position should make for an intense and fast-paced game on Friday night. 

The two guards are snipers on the court, leading their respective teams in assists. Vieira also leads the Utes in steals with 2.7 per game.

Oregon injury report:

There are no new injury reports for the Oregon Ducks. Peyton Scott is still categorized as out for the remainder of the season.

Utah injury report:

Star point guard is still marked as out for the remainder of the season due to an injury suffered against BYU in December.

Issy Palmer’s condition and possible return are still up in the air. While she isn’t definitively out for the season, Palmer hasn’t seen the court since mid-November.

Final score prediction: Oregon 57, Utah 66