The 4 worst head coaching hires in Oregon men’s basketball history

FanSided NCAA staff writer Sam Fariss ranks the worst head coach hires in Oregon men's basketball history. Who led the Ducks down the drain?
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. Bill Borcher. Bill Borcher. 69-68 overall. 3. 1951-56. Bill Borcher. player. 515.

An Oregon native, Bill Borcher played for the Ducks from 1939-41 before becoming the head coach just ten years later.

Before resigning after just five seasons, Borcher barely eked out an overall winning record. 

The sentiment behind hiring a former player is there but the lack of success didn’t equate to him being the right hire. Winning just 13.8 games per season, Borcher also averaged 13.6 games a year.

Borcher’s 50.4 percent winning record made him a poor hire for the Oregon athletic team and one of the worst coaches in the program’s history.