The top nine players Oregon could face in the 2024 NCAA Tournament

Oregon v Arizona
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. B.J. Mack. . B.J. Mack. 6. player. 533. Forward. mack. Senior

Season stats:

  • Points per game: 13.6
  • Rebounds per game: 4.7
  • Assists per game: 1.3

Another talented big man in the Midwest Region this tournament, B.J. Mack is just 6-foot-8 but is a brick wall at 270 pounds.

With his size alone, Mack would be a powerful player going up against almost any team. He can also shoot and rebound incredibly well for a relatively short center. Averaging 41.6 percent from the field, Mack has racked up 450 points so far this season.

He has also collected 156 rebounds over just 33 games. Mack has started every game that the Gamecocks have played which shows his consistency on the court. Unlike Dante, Mack hasn’t been injury-prone throughout his collegiate career.