The top nine players Oregon could face in the 2024 NCAA Tournament

Oregon v Arizona
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. Senior. Hunter Dickinson. 3. 462. Hunter Dickinson. Center. player. . Hunter Dickinson

Season stats:

  • Points per game: 18.0
  • Rebounds per game: 10.8
  • Blocks per game: 1.4

Hunter Dickinson has averaged a double-double this season and is an incredible player on the court. The Jayhawk knows ball and he is extremely difficult for any team to slow down.

At 7-foot-2 and 260 pounds, Dickinson has three inches on Oregon’s big man Dante. His brute force on the court makes him nearly unstoppable and his 55 percent shooting rate is high for a big man.

Dickinson can even shoot from beyond the arc and is averaging nearly 36 percent from three-point range.