When was Autzen Stadium built? A timeline of Oregon football’s home venue

There's a lot of history to Autzen Stadium. When was Autzen Stadium built? Where did the Ducks play before it was built?
Oregon State v Oregon
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Autzen Stadium is the legendary home of the Oregon Ducks. The Oregon football team, one of the most prominent programs in college football, has a rich history. And nobody should be surprised that Autzen Stadium also has plenty of noteworthy history. 

But, well, when was Autzen Stadium built exactly? How old is Autzen Stadium? Let’s take a deep dive and explore some of the timeline about the home stadium for the Oregon Ducks football program and examine its construction and development.

Where did Oregon football play before Autzen Stadium was built?

All things considered, Autzen Stadium isn’t exactly the oldest college football stadium in the country. The Ducks didn’t use Autzen Stadium until the late 1960’s. Prior to that, the Oregon football team was found competing at Hayward Field, the prominent track and field venue. 

But, for the most part, Hayward Field was originally established with the intent to serve as the Oregon football stadium. And interestingly enough, Hayward Field was a replacement for Kinkaid Field. The Oregon football team moved into Hayward Field in 1919. And from then until the opening of Autzen Stadium? Well, Oregon was found at Hayward Field. 

So, when did Autzen Stadium get built? When did the Ducks move in?

When Was Autzen Stadium Built? 

The Oregon Ducks officially moved into Autzen Stadium back in 1967. Construction of Autzen Stadium began nine months prior to that and the first home game for the Oregon Ducks was on September 23, 1967 as they welcomed the Colorado Buffaloes to Eugene (a game that Oregon actually lost). 

Leo Harris was the Oregon athletics director at the time and he helped make the move into Autzen Stadium possible.

Key facts about when Autzen Stadium was built:

  • Completion date: 1967
  • First game played: September 23, 1967
  • Original seating capacity: Approximately 41,000
  • Construction cost: $2.3 million

Which, fun fact, the Ducks spent a little over $2 million to originally get this stadium constructed, but when they renovated it back in 2002, Oregon spent an incredible $90 million to craft the stadium that we now know today.

Autzen Stadium is now known as one of the most intimidating and beautiful college football stadiums in the country. Because of the design, noise is trapped within the stadium and as a result, Autzen Stadium is one of the loudest venues in the country. There’s a lot of history to Autzen Stadium and there’s a lot to be proud of here. 

And so, if you’re asking when Autzen Stadium was first built, the answer is 1967. If you’re trying to find when Autzen Stadium was last renovated, that was back in 2002. 

For over five decades, it’s served proudly as the home of Oregon Ducks football. There’s been some growth and evolution along the way. And it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for possible future renovations. Because it looks like those discussions are indeed happening.