Buffalo Bills Draft Mark Asper


During the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills drafted Oregon offensive guard Mark Asper. Mark Asper is the third Oregon Ducks player drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft (LaMichael James to San Francisco and Josh Kaddu to Miami). One big story surrounding Asper is his age (27) because Asper missed two years of school while on a religious mission. Some NFL teams think that his age is a good thing because of his maturity level and other NFL teams are afraid that he is past his prime. I will break down how Mark Asper will fit in with the Buffalo Bills and my overall grade on the draft pick made by the Buffalo Bills.

Mark Asper’s biggest strength as an offensive guard is his ability to make blocks at the second level. Asper is a very mature football player and that plays into how he can make blocks at the second level. He understands all the different angles to take in order to get to the second level and he plays with a sense of urgency once he reaches the second level. Apser understands what his strengths are and how to play according to them to keep his man in front of him at all times.

One “weakness” that some NFL teams think will affect Mark Asper as a pro is his age (27). In my opinion, I do not think that his age is a weakness at all. I see his age as a strength. He is more mature than he might have been two years ago. I feel that his age has helped him and gave him the opportunity to understand how the block and how to be an effective blocker. Another example of this is Brandon Weeden (drafted 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns).

Overall, I think this is a very solid pick for the Buffalo Bills. One of the aspects on offense that the Buffalo Bills had success with last season was the running game. Fred Jackson had a “break-out” season. Mark Asper will only help the Buffalo Bills when running the football. Jackson is a running back who can make it to the second level easily and, by adding Asper, the Buffalo Bills gave Jackson some help in the second level. I absolutely love this draft pick by the Buffalo Bills.

Overall Pick Grade: A+

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