Is Oregon Abandoning Their Identity: Waiting for Vernon Adams’ Decision


Vernon Adams’ decision between staying at Eastern Washington or using his final year of eligibility in Eugene for the Ducks could be the difference between Oregon contending next year and a slide back like they haven’t had in years.

You won’t hear this from any coaches or administrators but they’ve all but said it by even offering Adams a scholarship haven’t they? But there are those that have argued this is abandoning the system the Ducks say so often to trust, is it? Is it being unfair to Lockie or any of the other QBs on the roster?

In my opinion that’s all nonsense. So much so that you can simply look back at the offseason of the 2010 Championship game loss when Darron Thomas surprised everyone by declaring for the draft. That cleaned up a bunch of messes for the Ducks, not the least of which, explaining how an unseen redshirt freshman would take Thomas’ place on the depth chart.

Add to that the story that’s come out from Mariota’s class which at one point also included Johnny Manziel. Mariota has famously said that his father told him he was going to have to compete wherever he ended up and because of that conversation Marcus stayed with the Ducks.

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But most importantly it’s the things we’ve heard Adams say about the visit. As reported by

Justin Hopkins

at 247,

Adams is not guaranteed any kind of starting spot simply by transferring

(Side note, if you’re not following Justin on Twitter, you’re behind). So I don’t understand the argument it’s abandoning the system, or being unfair to Lockie.

Oregon is incredibly honest and forthright with recruits that they are going to get the best people they can and whoever earns a spot will get it. And they’ve held true to that, look at the situation this year in the backfield. Freeman needed to get carries, but Marshall was good enough to find his way onto the field in another capacity.

The Adams’ move is exactly what the system is, competition all day everyday. How can you “Win The Day” without competition? So even if Adams’ transfers and doesn’t earn the starting position, his impact on the position group makes the move make sense.

Several people are citing sources at EWU that Adams will announce his decision on Monday.