The Eagle has Landed: Vernon Adams Flies South for the 2015 Season


Vernon Adams has finally made up his mind and with a single tweet he’s completely changed expectations in the minds of Duck fans. By leaving Eastern Washington he leaves behind a team he’s played with for four years, a system he knows and a coach he clearly has a strong fondness for. What he gets is the elevated exposure, increased opportunity and a much better surrounding cast.

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He will be immediately eligible because he will have completed his degree. So Duck fans left concerned by the departure of Marcus Mariota has been reborn with one simple tweet:

Oregon fans were quick to assume another Pac-12 championship and berth in the playoffs, that at the very least is presumptuous. That being said Adams is a proven QB and he’s proven beyond the FCS Competition, he’s been brilliant against Pac-12 competition. In games against Washington and Oregon State Adams’ accounted for 886 yards and 11 TDs in the air and another 123 and 2 TDs on the ground. Zero Interceptions.

Mariota had 703 yards passing and 6 passing TDs in the air against UW and OSU. He added 35 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. To be fair to Marcus, his games weren’t competitive while Adams was in competitive games. The only question you have to answer is where does Jeff Lockie go from here?

Adams hasn’t been guaranteed anything, but you’d have to like his chances. And would Helfrich and crew offer Adams a one year deal if they were comfortable with Lockie going into 2015?

It’d be unfortunate to lose Lockie but as Justin and I were discussing in private earlier this week, if Adams had decided to stay in Spokane I think we all felt like a step back was coming for the Ducks this season. With the addition of Adams and the return of Addison, Allen and Brown, this offense will be fast and could be more dynamic than this year, which was scary good.