2024 Oregon football schedule: When is Oregon Ducks vs. Michigan State?

The Oregon Ducks are getting a chance to meet up with a traditional Midwest member of the Big Ten in the fifth game of the 2024 Oregon football schedule.
Autzen Stadium
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Though this isn’t the first conference matchup for Dan Lanning and his Oregon football team in their new home, this is the first conference meeting between the Oregon Ducks and a longstanding member of the Big Ten. The first Big Ten game on the 2024 Oregon football schedule happens to be against a familiar face in the UCLA Bruins

But the fifth game of the year for the Ducks in Oregon’s inaugural Big Ten season? Well, as it turns out, that’s against the Michigan State Spartans.

And after a couple away games (and a bye week sandwiched in the middle) for Lanning and the Ducks, Oregon gets to bring a traditional Midwest member of the Big Ten to Eugene for a Friday night matchup in Autzen Stadium.

2024 Oregon Ducks schedule: Primetime battle with the Spartans in Autzen Stadium

In a game that, more or less, symbolizes a deepening integration into the Big Ten, this matchup between the Oregon Ducks and the Michigan State Spartans should provide Lanning with the chance to show how his team stacks up against programs from the Midwest.

Because neither of these teams are remotely close to what they were in 2018 when they met up in a dreadful 7-6 matchup during the Redbox Bowl in Santa Clara, California (a game Oregon won, by the way).

Positioned in the heart of the 2024 Oregon football schedule, the Ducks should take advantage over the program stability and talent differential that these two teams currently have. Michigan State is in the midst of a philosophical change after some unexpected leadership changes. Meanwhile, Oregon has national title aspirations this year. 

This primetime Friday night game will put Oregon's program in the spotlight.

2024 Oregon football schedule: Ducks vs. Michigan State

  • Who: Oregon Ducks vs. Michigan State Spartans 
  • What: Fifth game of the 2024 Oregon football schedule
  • When: Friday, October 4 at 6 p.m.  
  • Where: Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon

As long as the Ducks aren’t looking a week ahead during this contest, they should be fine. But, if for whatever reason, the Oregon football team is focused more on the seventh game on the 2024 Oregon Ducks schedule, well, maybe this one becomes interesting. 

And trust me, you’re going to want to watch the seventh game for the Ducks this year.