2024 Oregon football schedule: When is Oregon Ducks vs. Michigan?

In the ninth game of the 2024 Oregon football schedule, Dan Lanning will take his Oregon Ducks on over to Ann Arbor to meet up with the Michigan Wolverines in the Big House.
Oregon State v Oregon
Oregon State v Oregon / Tom Hauck/GettyImages

It’s a little weird that the defending national champ is a team that some folks are overlooking a bit in the Big Ten. In some ways, it feels like Dan Lanning’s Oregon Ducks and Ryan Day’s Ohio State Buckeyes have drawn most of the preseason attention for the conference this year. So, it’s going to be interesting to see how the folks in the Big House welcome the Ducks to town for the ninth game on the 2024 Oregon football schedule

Because, if we’re being honest, the 2024 Oregon Ducks schedule features some very notable games. And this happens to be one of them. 

The Oregon Ducks travel to face the Michigan Wolverines on November 2, 2024, at the iconic Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor just one season after Jim Harbaugh delivered a national title to the folks in Maize and Blue. 

It’s not getting the same attention that Oregon’s matchup with the Ohio State Buckeyes is getting and there are numerous valid reasons for that. Still, it feels a little weird.

Oregon Ducks vs. Michigan: Marquee matchup highlights 2024 Oregon Ducks schedule

This could certainly be the biggest road game that Oregon participates in this year. It’s going to serve as a great measuring stick for evaluating just how good the Oregon Ducks are as they get set in the Big Ten in their inaugural season in the conference.

On top of that, because of the sort of program that Michigan is, this could be one of the most significant games in the 2024 Oregon Ducks schedule. It could have implications that involve the Big Ten championship and the College Football Playoff picture. 

Plus, it gives Lanning and the Ducks a great chance to experience what the Big Ten is like in one of the conference’s most revered traditional venues.

2024 Oregon football schedule: Ducks vs. Michigan

  • Who: Oregon Ducks vs. Michigan Wolverines
  • What: Ninth game of the 2024 Oregon Ducks schedule
  • When: Saturday, November 2
  • Where: Michigan Stadium (the Big House) in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Assuming the Wolverines don’t take a drastic step back (honestly, who really knows exactly what to expect from this team that just lost a ton in coaching continuity and player experience), this matchup with Michigan could be a high profile contest where two of the biggest brands in the nation face off.

That would be fun to see. Let’s hope it plays out like that. And let’s also hope for an Oregon Ducks win in the ninth game of the 2024 Oregon football schedule.