College basketball fans react to new Oregon basketball court design

There's a new Oregon basketball court design in Eugene, Oregon, but not every college basketball fan is in love with how the playing surface in Matthew Knight Arena looks now.
Matthew Knight Arena
Matthew Knight Arena / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

A brand new basketball court design has been showcased in Eugene, Oregon. Matthew Knight Arena's court got a refreshed look. There are some similar elements that are going to carry over from the old design to the new one, but the Oregon Ducks basketball programs will be playing on a surface with a new look going forward.

And because of the intriguing design that the Oregon basketball court used to have, there are folks all around the country who are familiar with Matthew Knight Arena and the playing surface there. I, personally, thought the Oregon Ducks had a great design.

But, well, not everyone was on board. And since things have been given a facelift, the Oregon basketball court is once again receiving plenty of attention from folks outside of Eugene.

Here's how college basketball fans are reacting to the new Oregon basketball court design in Matthew Knight Arena.

College basketball fans speak out as Matthew Knight Arena gets new Oregon basketball court design

It shouldn't surprise anyone that not everyone was a fan of the unique design. And the folks up in Seattle have some thoughts. They're certainly entitled to those thoughts, I suppose.

Sorry Rod. The trees are staying put in Eugene.

Oregon gets to be extra because the Ducks can do that. Shoutout to Phil Knight.

Yeah, not everyone is a fan.

That said, there were some folks outside of Eugene that actually appreciated the design change.

Hey look, we've got a West Virginia fan on board. That has to count for something, right?

Oh, 100 percent. It's a really good design that doesn't veer to hard towards either direction of "traditional, conventional design" or "over the top, in your face modern design."

And yeah, there's some money being thrown around here. For the folks asking "why does Oregon get to have special things?" It's because of money. Nike money. Shoutout to Phil Knight.

Let's have some fun and enjoy things that are unconventional and unique. Including basketball court designs. Not everything has to be the same everywhere across everything. It's totally fine for things to have their own distinct branding. It's fun, actually. Just like this brand new Oregon basketball court.