Justin Herbert’s Oregon roots featured in LA Chargers' hilarious schedule release

Washington State v Oregon
Washington State v Oregon / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

With nods to Taylor Swift’s hold on the NFL and digs at rival teams’ weak spots, the Los Angeles Chargers recently shared an ingenious Sims-esque schedule release.

Beyond laying out the Chargers’ week-by-week schedule in an entertaining and comedic fashion, some of the beloved players also received recognition in the 3-minute social media post.

Amongst his teammates featured in the video is Oregon Ducks legendary quarterback Justin Herbert, who has been the starting QB for Los Angeles since 2020.

Herbert (or more accurately, Herbert’s Sim) gets featured in Eugene, where the quarterback grew up and subsequently played college football for the Ducks.

One of Herbert’s non-football skills is fishing as it’s widely known that he was the president of his high school’s fishing club.

The awe-inspiring quarterback can be seen grilling, fishing, and enjoying the Pacific Northwest during the segment for the Chargers’ bye-week.

The LA Chargers’ social media has repeatedly broken the mold for sports team accounts in recent years as it has repeatedly shared witty, out-of-pocket, and unique posts about its squad.

As new head coach Jim Harbaugh takes over the program, the football team may be changing its ways (hopefully towards winning ones) but the social team is as hilarious as ever.

Herbert, notorious for not wanting to be in the spotlight, may even appreciate the nod to his humble beginnings, especially since he didn’t have to stand in front of the camera for it to happen.

Throughout the past four seasons, despite suffering injuries, Herbert has amassed an impressive resume with the Chargers.

The former Duck has 17,223 passing yards and 114 touchdowns through the air so far in his career. Shockingly to some but not to Oregon fans, the large-frame quarterback also has 911 rushing yards for an additional 11 touchdowns.

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