MUST WATCH: Dan Lanning voices incredible Super Regional hype video for Oregon baseball

As the Oregon baseball team gets set to meet up with the Texas A&M Aggies, the Ducks have a really solid hype video featuring the narration talents of Dan Lanning.
Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Liberty v Oregon
Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Liberty v Oregon / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Ahead of the 2024 College Station Super Regional between the Oregon baseball team and the Texas A&M Aggies, the head coach of the Oregon Ducks has publicly put his voice out there in clear support of his team. Well, almost his team. His colleague’s team is more precise. 

It shouldn’t shock anybody that Dan Lanning, the head coach of the Oregon football team, would be pretty supportive of the Oregon baseball team. And as it turns out, he’s pretty good at speaking in things like highlight videos and promotional content. 

So, the Oregon athletics department was more than wise to get him to lend his voice for an Oregon baseball hype video.

Because this is the perfect hype video ahead of the College Station Super Regional.

Oregon football’s Dan Lanning voices perfect hype video for Oregon baseball’s Super Regional

I mean, this is just a must watch video for Oregon Ducks fans ahead of the 2024 Bryan-College Station Super Regional. 

The video isn’t just great because of Lanning’s participation (though it is always great to see collaboration across different parts of a university’s athletics department). You could probably get Mickey Mouse to do the narration here and it would still be a phenomenal watch (and that would honestly be a lot of fun, someone with some AI voice editing skills should get on that and send the video to me).

It’s great cinematography. Just really solid video work that highlights how hard the Ducks have worked to get to this point.

Whoever did the script writing for this did a great job as well.

Hearing Lanning say things like “When a Duck is pushed, it pushes back” or “the road to Omaha is a journey and to get there it takes everyone competing for the same goal: a championship” over the backdrop of perfectly placed melodramatic music? Well, that’s good sports marketing work. 

Shoutout to the Oregon athletics department for dropping this video ahead of the College Station Super Regional. More universities should craft content that is this good.