Oregon Ducks vs. Washington Huskies | 4th Quarter Recap

  • Third and 16 after the penalty.  James rushes for a loss of one.  Fourth and 17 for Oregon.  They will attempt the FG.  Maldonado misses the 47 yard FG attempt.  Huskies will take over.
  • Price’s pass incomplete.  Oregon is called for a rushing the passer penalty.  First and 10 at the 45 yard line.  Price’s pass incomplete.  Holding called on Oregon and Washington will get the first down on penalty yardage.  Price’s pass to Polk complete and he gets three yards.  Second and seven and Oregon gets to Polk for a loss of one.  Third and eight; Kaddu gets the sack on Price.  Washington punts on fourth down.
  • Mahan punts for 47 yards and a touchback.  Thomas’ pass complete to Huff for nine yards to the Oregon 29.  James rushes for three and the first down.  James rushes for three and it is second and seven for Oregon.  Barner rushes just short of the first down.  Third and two; Barner’s rush falls short by one yard.  Fourth and one and Oregon will punt.  Fair catch called by UW.
  • Washington starts on their 20.  Price’s pass complete to Tucker for six yards.  Jordan gets the sixth sack of the night on Price.  Price stays on the field for a few minutes and walks off on his own.  Nick Montana comes in as back-up.  Montana’s pass to Williams complete for 53 yards.  Price back in and his pass to Kearse is incomplete.  Price’s pass incomplete to Aguilar on second and 10.  Third and 10; Price throws to Smith in the end zone.  The ball hits Smith’s facemask and bounces off – pass incomplete.  Fourth and 10 and UW will go for it.  Price’s pass to Williams incomplete.  Oregon will take over.
  • James rushes for two yards to the Oregon 29.  James gets two more to the 31.  James again up the middle for seven yards and the first down.  James again for six yards.  Oregon runs again – James gets eight more for another first down.  James gets the ball again and gets two.  Second and eight and Oregon runs just short of the first down.  Third and fourth; James rushes for two.  Fourth down and two and Oregon will punt.
  • Washington starts on the Washington four yard line and takes a knee.  Oregon wins 34 – 17.

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