Minnesota Vikings Sign Undrafted Darrion Weems


Darrion Weems was among the many undrafted Oregon Ducks after the 2012 NFL Draft. The only Oregon Ducks to be drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft were LaMichael James, Mark Asper, Josh Kaddu, and David Paulson. Even though his name was not called on draft day, Darrion Weems will be playing in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings. Weems was among fifteen undrafted free agents to be signed by the Minnesota Vikings. I will break down how Darrion Weems will fit in with the Minnesota Vikings and how I feel about this signing by my favorite NFL team.

One of the biggest needs for the Minnesota Vikings entering the 2012 NFL Draft was the offensive tackle position. Before the 2012 NFL Draft even started, everyone was talking about whether or not the Minnesota Vikings should draft Matt Kalil with the 3rd overall pick. The Vikings ended up trading with the Cleveland Browns and drafted Matt Kalil with the 4th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The one thing people did not mentioned is that Matt Kalil is only one person and an offensive line consists of five players. The Minnesota Vikings might use Kalil to protect Christian Ponder’s blind side, but they still need more quality players on that line. Darrion Weems gives the Minnesota Vikings what they need. Weems can help the offensive line in two different ways. First off, he can provide an effective pass block in order for Christian Ponder to throw the football. Second, he can provide the Minnesota Vikings with the run blocking they need for Adrian Peterson run rapid. He has had enough experience in the run game by blocking for LaMichael James.

As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I love this signing. I think it fits perfectly with what the Minnesota Vikings need to work on most and that is protecting Christian Ponder. In my opinion, the offense starts at the offensive line. Without a quality offensive line, the quarterback cannot have enough time in order to make a quality throw. Last season, I kept thinking that the Minnesota Vikings offensive line needed some youth and this signing pushes them in that direction. Darrion Weems will come in with Matt Kalil and start a new foundation for the future.

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