CBS Sports: Oregon Ducks Rank 4th in ‘Best In College Sports’ for 2014-15


CBS Sports released their list of the Best in College Sports on Tuesday and after taking into account key sports in athletics including Football, Baseball, Men’s and Women’s Basketball and what they are calling a ‘Wildcard’ sport, it is not a real big surprise that Ohio State, the team that beat the Oregon Ducks in the National Championship is at the top of the list.

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came in a respectable fourth on the list for the 2014-15 season

. The Buckeyes were led by football, but also had a strong finish in Men’s and Women’s Basketball. The Women’s team posted twenty-four wins and the Men made their seventh consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance for Ohio State. The Wildcard, in this case, Wrestling, finished with the top ranking overall as well.

For the Oregon Ducks all was not lost. Oregon picked up big points for making the National Championship in Football and the NCAA Tournament in Men’s Basketball and Baseball. Where Oregon fell short is Women’s Basketball. The Oregon Ducks Wildcard was likely Softball as it was listed among the more popular spectator sports according to the report. On the list were Softball, Men’s Wrestling, and Volleyball to name a few.

What was a surprise to me was that Oregon was ranked second among Pac-12 teams on the list being jumped by the UCLA Bruins in the three spot, just below Louisville and Ohio State. Other schools of note include Florida State and Michigan State who came in fifth and sixth respectively.