College Baseball Daily: Oregon Ducks Baseball Tops List For Best Uniform of 2015


The 2015 College Baseball season has been over for several months now, and it was a season full of excitement on the basepads and on the mound as Virginia took the title. College Baseball Daily recently put together a list of the best ‘look’ on the field in 2015 and the Oregon Ducks topped their list. For a team better known for flash on the football field, typically leaving fans waiting for the Twitter post of what they will wear, now the Ducks Baseball team who have a unique look all their own have been recognized.

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The Oregon Ducks Baseball team was among three Pac-12 teams on the list starting with Arizona State at number ten, and UCLA. The Bruins were ranked the top team in the country entering the NCAA Tournament in 2015 and ended the regular season losing two of three from Oregon. The Ducks likely got into the post season by winning the series against the Bruins and winning nine of their final ten games overall after having a rough season, starting well, falling apart in the middle, and finishing strong enough to get some notice.

You simply can’t talk uniforms without Oregon coming up in the conversation. It’s just impossible. Oregon’s worst uniforms are still better than some other programs best uniforms. I am a sucker for pinstripes and Oregon rocks their fair share of them, however, this year the best Oregon uniform was the silver “Duck” uniforms and they went extra hard with the “O” on the pant leg as well as the chrome batting helmets.

College Baseball Daily on Why Oregon Ducks Baseball have the Number One Uniform for 2015