Marcus Mariota Responds To Upset Young Fan


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Imagine being a little kid and your starting your day, everything is great with your bowl of cereal. Then….Dad drops the biggest bombshell of your young life. The Oregon Ducks Starting Quarterback this season is NOT Marcus Mariota, but someone you may no know at all in Jeff Lockie or Vernon Adams. How would you react? Would it be as priceless and innocent as this young man?

The best part of this story, the Tennessee Titans Starter and Former Oregon Ducks Quarterback responded.

Not only did Marcus Mariota reach out to the young man after seeing the video, but he also sent him a Tennessee Titans jersey in the hopes it would ease his pain for him not being the Oregon Ducks Starting Quarterback this upcoming season. The young fan wants Mariota back at Oregon, but as adults we all know he will be just fine with the Tennessee Titans as the Starting Quarterback. We can hope we will have tears of joy watching him this season, similar to the tears we had watching him give his acceptance speech for the Heisman Trophy.

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