Patience With Quarterback Vernon Adams Will Get Oregon Ducks Back On Track


The Oregon Ducks did not look good last night on offense. If you had asked me at the end of last season if this was a statement I would make, I would have probably said no. Quarterback Marcus Mariota was a special player for the Oregon Ducks. That is very clear now, and it was before for many Duck fans. After watching another very talented player in Vernon Adams struggle last night against one of the top Defenses in College Football, we all have to realize one thing. Patience Will Win The Day.

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Vernon Adams missed seventeen passes last night. Seventeen. The Oregon uptempo game that usually exhausts Defenses in the first half was not there. What was is something that Adams rarely experienced at Eastern Washington.  A hostile environment, a swarming Defense, and second decision opportunities that led to hesitation and Adams finding himself on the ground. The Michigan State Defense sacked him four times. His improvisations did not work or appeared non-existent. When he was able to make a play it was a big one.

His pass in the fourth quarter to keep a drive alive to Byron Marshall was the play of the night in my mind. It was one of several fourth down conversions he completed on the night. The Oregon Ducks were just two for six on fourth down conversions on the night, but for the final twelve minutes of the game, Mark Helfrich saw his team as having a chance at pulling off the win. The opportunity was there, but Michigan State’s Defense was better. In the end, the Ducks lost by three points 31-28.

The expectations for Quarterback Vernon Adams are high this season. For a guy who is still in process of learning the playbook, his performance was rough around the edges on Saturday night. He will redeem himself as we get into the Pac-12 Regular Season. Experience is what Saturday night came down to. Mariota had three years in the Ducks system. Adams is just getting started. The Oregon Ducks still have s spot in the College Football Playoff to play for. Keep in mind that both teams still have a full season to get through and the Spartans have to play Ohio State, which could end up in a loss. Oregon still has the talent to compete and win the Pac-12 North and to likely also win the Pac-12 title in 2015.

Oregon now begins preparation for Georgia State this week. Kickoff is set for 11am Pacific Time Saturday on Pac-12 Network.

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