Comcast Sportsnet: Oregon Quarterback Vernon Adams Playing With Broken Index Finger


UPDATE: Adams confirms after practice he did break his index finger vs Eastern Washington two weeks ago.

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The Oregon Ducks lost to Michigan State on Saturday by three points. Until now many of us believed it was because Oregon Quarterback Vernon Adams did his best, but may not quite have been up to speed on the Oregon Offense. Throughout the game the tempo we are all used to was not present. The Offense appeared to be going at about eighty percent of what it normally does. For me, something did not appear right with Quarterback Vernon Adams with his throws down field. Two of them came up short and resulted in interceptions for the Spartans. We now know the reason why.

Comcast Sportsnet Northwest is reporting that Adams is playing with a broken index finger on his passing hand. Of course, we all know that Oregon does not talk about injuries to players. Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost did not shed much light on the subject but did say that throughout the season, every college football game various players play through some sort of injury. Now the big question, Why would you start a Quarterback with an injury that could be significant to the outcome of the game? That’s an easy one. Coaches likely believe that even though Backup Jeff Lockie has three years in the system, Adams gives the team a better chance to win the game.

He appeared in the post game on Saturday with his finger wrapped in a split which led to more questions than answers for fans and the media. Is it broken, where is it broken? Is it just one break or multiple fractures? According to WEBMD, most finger injuries can heal themselves in 4-6 weeks with proper treatment. It is clearly something that Adams can play through with discomfort.

With no word yet from the University of Oregon I would expect the Ducks to start Adams again this week against Georgia State. Kickoff on Saturday against the Panthers is an early one, set for 11am Pacific Time on Pac-12 Network.

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