Oregon Ducks Defense Is Still A Cause For Concern


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Oregon opened up their season against Eastern Washington, they were torched through the air for 438 yards and the Eagles finished with 549 total yards. Most of it was contributed to Oregon’s young secondary and having to get settled in as it was only the first game of the season. Things were suppose to improve as the season wore on.

The Ducks in week two face then ranked #5 Michigan State losing 31-28. Oregon gave up 309 yards through the air and 389 total yards. It was reasonable to think that Oregon would give up that much yards to the #5 in the nation. They had came so close, had Vernon Adams not missed a wide open Byron Marshall in the end zone they probably would have won the game. It was easy to overlook a close game like that the Spartans.

Then came week three, Quarterback Vernon Adams sat out to help heal a broken finger on his throwing hand. Oregon’s offense struggled in the first half, Georgia State defense look better then Oregon for a quarter. The Ducks opened it up in the second quarter scoring 2o and in the end won 61-28. Oregon defense again look shaky missing tackles, getting beat through the air again 308 yards and giving up 431 yards. It put many Duck fans on notice that this might be a tough year.

Oregon’s Defense has always played second fiddle to Oregon’s offense. A fast paced offense that scores often, doesn’t hold on the ball to long, and keeps their defense on the field for most of the game will give up big yards. This year seems different like the Ducks might lose more then two in the regular season. Oregon’s defense is ranked 49th in rushing defense at 140.3 yards and 111th in passing defense giving up 316.0 yards.

It isn’t all bleak for Ducks fans they have five interceptions on the season. Linebacker Joe Walker got his second fumble and score of his career. Oregon needs answers at defense as it looks to be weaker this season then in past seasons. Starting Pac-12 play isn’t going to make it any easier as almost every Pac-12 team they face will have a good passer behind center. Right behind him is a great running back and every Pac-12 team has that.

The Oregon Ducks have many questions they need to answer on Defense, especially this week against #18 Utah at home. Many critics are not talking College Football Playoff for Oregon at the moment, it’s up to them to change that and prove to the Pac-12 and the rest of the country they are still dangerous on the Defensive Side of the ball.

Oregon and Utah kickoff on Saturday night at 5:45pm Pacific Time on FOX.

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