Oregon Ducks Bye Week Itinerary: Things To Do Instead Of Watching Football


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After a desperation road win last Saturday in Seattle, the Oregon Ducks enter a must-needed bye week. While the 2015 Oregon season (so far) has been disappointing to say the least, the Ducks now have the opportunity to rest and heal before their Thursday night showdown on the road at Arizona State. As for fans, well, you all will most likely be glued to your televisions once again, hoping more teams acquire more losses, so Oregon’s season will start to look more and more respectable. There’s nothing wrong with that either. I rooted against the Washington Huskies in their Spring game (screamed at my television and everything). So I know a thing or two about staying on point as a fan even when the Ducks aren’t involved. But for some, a one-week break from college football could be a good thing. Allow me to offer a list of quality alternatives:

Pumpkin Patch: Get as many pumpkins as you possibly can. It’s a known fact that pumpkins improve the ambiance of your home. Just don’t leave them out too late and be the equivalent of the neighbor that keeps his Christmas lights well into March. Note: if you or a loved one is allergic to the squash family, go to an apple farm instead. It won’t have all the hay or mazes, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made to avoid rashes and other harmful symptoms.

Tinker with your fantasy lineup: Don’t be the guy who forgets to set his lineup every week. Spend all day Saturday adding and dropping players, proposing absurd trades, and ranting on the smack board. At the very least, you’ll have won the mind games against your opponent, and the rest of the league will take notice. It’s what Belichick would do.

FanDuel or DraftKings: Conventional fantasy leagues with your friends don’t pay enough, anyway. You’ve seen the commercials; all that money could be YOURS. Also, get in before the federal government shuts down those two operations forever.

Christmas shopping: Those tempting discount electronics on Black Friday aren’t worth the risk of getting stampeded to death. No one wants their final moments on earth to take place at a Wal-Mart or Target.

The gym: Hit the gym because very soon you’re going to lack the self-discipline to resist another slice of Aunt Marcie’s pie. I suggest Rich Piana’s 8-hour arm workout.

The movies: I heard Rock the Kasbah is awful.