Ohio State Fans Don’t See The Problem With J.T. Barrett Drinking And Driving


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Earlier today, Deadspin released an article which comprised of letters from Ohio State fans to the Columbus Dispatch regarding  J.T. Barrett’s recent arrest. For those unaware, Barrett was arrested on the morning of October 31st for operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI). A breathalyzer revealed Barrett — who is under the legal drinking age — blew a 0.08.

Naturally, Ohio State fans were outraged with Barrett’s arrest and the condemnation of their quarterback that followed. So, some Buckeye fans took to the Columbus Dispatch to showcase their disapproval and prove once again that football distorts what is right and wrong in college towns all across America. We’ve seen it take place in Tallahassee, and now, as Ohio State chases its second straight National Championship, Columbus is no different.

Here’s the gist of what Buckeyes fans wrote: They don’t see the problem with Barrett (who is not 21) drinking and driving because he wasn’t that drunk. Only a stumbling blackout is at risk behind the wheel apparently. Furthermore, checkpoints are an intrusive waste that need to be rid of. Oh, and he didn’t kill, rob, or cheat so it’s fine!

Here is my favorite excerpt, from James Schulz of Lewis Center, Oh:

"From what I hear from people in the know, J.T. and his teammate Cardale Jones are both stand-up people. I would trust either with watching my grandkids all the way up to quarterbacking my team to a national championship."

This whole situation is just a big inconvenience to Ohio State’s National Championship aspirations. It’s not like anyone driving with a BAC of 0.08 has killed anyone, right?

For a good laugh,  check out the full article HERE.