Oregon Ducks Take Lightning Yellow To a Whole New Level


Following a decision made by the Oregon Ducks on Friday, fans will now require sunglasses at Autzen Stadium as a new color scheme will grace the field of play.

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The Oregon Ducks are known as ‘Thunder Green and Lightning Yellow’, according to PA Announcer Don Essig at most sporting events, but the team has taken that motto to a new level. Oregon announced on Wednesday that there will be a brighter change at Autzen Stadium for the upcoming season. A new field turf was installed and it has people talking.

Not to be outdone by Boise State and their field of blue, the Oregon Ducks will have a field of yellow. Coaches are already in an uproar over the change. The newly nicknamed ‘Big Bird’ Field is not going over well with Head Coach Mark Helfrich, who himself is a fan of another Sesame Street Character, broke down in a recent interview saying, “I really like Cookie Monster and everyone loves cookies, why can’t it be blue.” He then stomped off throwing his hands in the air like a five year old having a temper tantrum saying, “stupid bird, he can’t even fly – and we’re supposed to be Ducks.”

Helfrich was later seen being consoled by Oregon Ducks Defensive Coordinator Brady Hoke who was also visibly shaken by the decision and upset that the higher ups did not take his recommendation. His favorite Sesame Street Character is Elmo. Asked to comment, GoDucks Editor Rob Moseley only had a one word response to the craziness, “Snuffy.”

It was later confirmed that Snuffy’s color was too close to the colors for the Oregon State Beavers.

There will also be a new sponsor for Oregon Athletics this season, actually several… the letters A-P-R-I-L F-O-O(yes, twice)-L-and S will be shown throughout the season on the video boards and signage throughout the complex.

Happy April Fool’s Day!