Former Oregon Defensive End DeForest Buckner Featured On ESPN Sport Science


Former Oregon Ducks Defensive End DeForest Buckner appeared on ESPN Sport Science and it showed just how big of a talent he will be in the NFL.

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The NFL Draft is 8 days away and teams are positioning toward the player or players they believe will make their team better. One of those players is former Oregon Ducks Defensive End DeForest Buckner who recently visited with the Tennessee Titans. Buckner is hands down a First Round Draft pick and could go anywhere from the 2nd pick to the 10th pick.

Last week the Tennessee Titans traded the number one pick to Los Angeles for more than a handful of picks this and next year. It is no secret that LA is going to go after a Quarterback as they look to build some hype in their return to Los Angeles.

It is doubtful that Buckner will be on the board for Tennessee, but he may have further improved his Draft stock by appearing on ESPN’s Sport Science segment.

The segment features Bucker wearing his Oregon gloves. Their tests show he has the force of over half a ton off the line, and his area of coverage is the same as a Sherman Tank. If that’s not impressive enough, he can jump higher than Wide Receiver Brandon Cooks, who went through the ESPN Sports Science tests last year. Cooks is 100 pounds lighter than Buckner and the former Oregon Defensive End jumped two inches higher.

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Whoever lands Buckner in the NFL Draft will be getting a Day 1 Starter. Some projections I have seen have him going a high as 3rd to San Diego, another has him landing in Philadelphia. The 2016 NFL Draft begins in Chicago on April 28th and runs through April 30th.