NFL Draft: Vernon Adams Challenges Height Issue, Responds To Critics


Former Oregon Ducks Quarterback Vernon Adams has officially gone on the Offensive when it comes to the one drawback that could keep him separated from his NFL Dream, his Height.

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Last season Adams threw 26 touchdown to 6 interceptions and went over 2700 yards through the air. Not too shabby for a guy that doesn’t break the 6 foot mold that NFL Analysts typically look for before working on figuring how successful a prospect may or may not be. Adams is in the minority, but has been vocal over the last week about his talent and abiluty.

USA Today Sports recently caught up with Adams who was quite vocal about the comparisons, ““I’ve played Jared Goff. They always want to talk about my hands being too small, but my hands are bigger than his. I’ve played in snowy games. I’ve played in rainy games. I’ve played in negative-15 degree games. Look at my wins to losses, look at my touchdowns to interceptions. Look at my career yards.”

Adams believes he is every bit as good as everyone else out there and why not? His statistics show he can win. Despite suffering from a finger injury the first month of last season, He kept the Oregon Ducks in the game against Michigan State on the road. He took the Oregon Ducks to a 9-4 record and an Alamo Bowl bid.

Does Vernon Adams have what it takes to be a Quarterback at the next level?

His accomplishments for his career in College began at Eastern Washington, but he saw the spotlight at Oregon. Adams finished his college career throwing for three touchdowns in the East West Shrine Game proving that he was finally 100 percent healthy. It is clear the talent and passion to play at the next level are there, not only in his actions, but in his words. There is a reason to celebrate his accomplishments and he is not letting his height get in the way.

"I’m very blessed that I can do this and have the career that I had in college. I’m going to be happy. If I am a priority free agent, I’m going to go to whichever team, and they’re going to love me.Vernon Adams responding to critics concerning his height entering the NFL (via USA Today Sports)"

Adams told Sports Illustrated this week that he believes that he has the talent to be the number two quarterback in the NFL Draft. Is he being too cocky? No. He is being totally honest. SI also showed why in presenting some of his clutch plays in college.

Adams is being told he is a third round pick, at best, and at worst he will have to test the free agent waters, “Everybody’s knocked me because of my height—they’re saying I’ll go from the third round to not drafted at all. And if I’m not drafted at all, they obviously don’t think I can start. ”

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The former Oregon Quarterback clearly has the talent to break the mold, but he has to be given the chance. The 2016 NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 28th with the first round and goes through Saturday, April 30th.