Oregon Football Spring Game: Dakota Prukop, Pharoah Brown Win The Day

The Oregon Football Spring Game at Autzen Stadium.Justin Phillips/KPNWSports
The Oregon Football Spring Game at Autzen Stadium.Justin Phillips/KPNWSports /

The Annual Oregon Football Spring Game saw some new faces and some old show off their talent to start the 2016 Oregon Football season.

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The big storylines were Quarterback Dakota Prukop who was as good as advertised and the return of Tight End Pharoah Brown. Oregon honored the 1916 Rose Bowl Championship team and wore the team colors of the day, which were reflective of the State Flag of Oregon, Blue and Gold.

The two teams were the Oregon Webfoots and Mighty Oregon. Travis Jonsen was the first Quarterback to touch the ball and the first series would see the first appearance and catch by Tight End Pharoah Brown, which garnered the loudest cheer from the crowd. The series ended in a Reggie Daniel interception before Dakota Prukop saw his first action in front of an Autzen Stadium crowd.

Dakota Prukop looked as good as advertised in his first series throwing short and long passes and clapping his hands at the line. The series would end short of the first down. Pharoah Brown would see back to back catches on the next Webfoot series leading to a field goal by Aiden Schneider as both teams worked out the early game gitters.

"It might have been the loudest it had been the whole day, it was pretty cool everyone was there supporting meTight End Pharoah Brown on his first catch back at Autzen Stadium"

Terry Wilson saw his first action as an Oregon Duck. He was recruited as a Athlete, but has Quarterback skills and completed his first few passes before running the ball for a nine yard gain and a 4th and 1. Tony Brooks James picked up the first down as the first quarter came to an end.

Prukop in the first quarter was 9 for 11 for 62 yards The first half would end with Prukop throwing a touchdown pass to Dillon Mitchell to take a 7-6 lead.

Oregon Quarterback Dakota Prukop with a near perfect first quarter in the Spring Game. Justin Phillips/KPNWSports
Oregon Quarterback Dakota Prukop with a near perfect first quarter in the Spring Game.Justin Phillips/KPNWSports /

The first half belonged to Prukop and Tight End Pharoah Brown. Prukop thew for 128 yards and a touchdown for Mighty Oregon. The Webfoots watched Brown rumble for 43 yards receiving including a 26 yard run.

Kani Benoit would add a three yard touchdown run to give Mighty Oregon a 14-6 lead with one quarter to go. Travis Jonsen would show his arm with a 52 yard pass to Darren Carrington for a touchdown to tie it at 14.. On the next possession, Prukop would miss his receiver on third down and go three and out with just over 8 minutes left.

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Prukop and Jonsen would trade touchdowns, but one team would come up a point short as Mighty Oregon won 21-20 over the Webfoots. Prukop said following the game since he could not use his feet as much we fans saw about 70 percent of what he could do on the field. His arm did a lot of talking today and if his feet can walk the walk, it should be a pretty good Fall Camp and upcoming season for Oregon Football.