Oregon Ducks Drop Back To Back Games vs Gonzaga

The Oregon Ducks face Washington State at PK Park.Justin Phillips/KPNWSports
The Oregon Ducks face Washington State at PK Park.Justin Phillips/KPNWSports /

The Oregon Ducks looked to boost their RPI against Gonzaga, but lost both games entering a critical series against Oregon State.

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Following a loss against the Bulldogs on Monday night, the Oregon Ducks were looking to get back on the right track and the Offense showed up in the first inning.

Austin Grebeck would start the game with a walk before Oregon batted a round putting up four runs in the inning which included a two RBI hit from Tim Susnara to break open the game in favor of the home team. Most of the damage was done with two outs in the inning. Stringer would make easy work of Gonzaga in the second with back to back outs along with a strikeout. Oregon opened the game hitting .714 going five for for seven at the plate.

Oregon batted a round in the first inning, they would not do it again for the rest of the game. Cole Stringer gave up two home runs that would give Gonzaga a 5-4 lead and that would be the final result. For a series that the Oregon Ducks likely needed to boost their chances at the post season, they played their way to two losses with 12 games left on the schedule to make a good impression. However, I believe the time for that is just about up.

Oregon does have an opportunity this weekend to ruin another teams chances at taking the Pac-12 crown. They will need to put together a sweep of Oregon State on the road to do it.

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The Civil War Series continues in Corvallis between the Ducks and Beavers with a three game series that starts Friday night at 7:30pm on ESPNU.