Pac-12 Makes Changes For 2016, Including Less Night Football Games


On Tuesday, the Pac-12 Conference announced some changes for the upcoming season, including one that should make fans very happy.

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The Pac-12 Conference has decided to make some changes, most noticable will be with game times including less night games across the Conference of Champions.

The move will shift two time windows for games to 2:30pm Pacific Time and 6pm Pacific Time, allowing for games on the Pac-12 Network to overlap games on other networks like ESPN and FOX. The move will not alleviate Pac-12 After Dark completely and according to the Pac-12 should reduce the number of ‘true night’ games by as many as four.

"The increased exposure and revenue from our contracts with ESPN and FOX Sports have been instrumental to our success, but we continue to work hard to minimize as much as possible the negative impact late start times have on our fans who travel great distances to see our teams in person.University of Oregon Athletic Director Rob Mullens on the Night Game Adjustment(via Pac-12)"

Other rule adjustments involve fines for fans Storming the (basketball) court or the field after football games, with harsh penalties for the home school, and the introduction of ‘Esports’, which will allow for video gaming competitions across the Pac-12.

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The adjustments are a result of Pac-12 Commissionser Larry Scott visiting all 12 schools and discussing concerns with over 250 student athletes across 30 sports according to the report.