Oregon Ducks In The NFL: Marcus Mariota Will Have Offensive Company In 2016


Marcus Mariota is the name to know for the Tennessee Titans but DeMarco Murray may also make his mark on the team for the 2016 season.

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Tennessee Titans Quarterback Marcus Mariota showed why he was the number two pick in the 2015 NFL Draft he was chosen for a reason. He threw for over 2800 yards threw for over 1900 yards and 19 touchdowns, to go along with some costly rookie mistake interceptions, but all experiences to learn and get better for the tuture.

According to the Tennessean Mariota he had the third best rookie season in NFL History, and is preparing for an even better 2016. The question of whether touchdowns will translate into wins for the Titans remains to be seen. Less sacks would be a big improvement and the additions to the team from the 2016 NFL Draft should help in that area.

One other aspect, outside of the Draft was the addition of Running Back DeMarco Murray in the offseason. Murray is putting in the work and looks to return to his olzd form. First Round Draft Pick Offensive Lineman Jack Conklin spoke from first hand experience, “You can really see why he did so well in Dallas. He runs hard. Watching him even, just with helmets on in OTAs, he’s always, he’s hard, and if you’re not doing something right, he’s going to get on you, and that’s exactly what you need.”

The article also talks about passer rating. Mariota saw a 91.5 percent completion rate in 2015, which may be harder to duplicate, but of course a lower sack total and lower number of interceptions will help this number to remain higher. One thing that may get in the way is the Titans schedule, being one of the toughest in the NFL in 2016.

Tennessee will see a good preseason test with Carolina on August 20th before starting a grueling schedule that will see early matchups with Minnesota, Detroit, and Houston. They will also host Green Bay and Denver and travel to Kansas City. This three game stretch could tell the tale of the season for the Tennessee Titans.

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Preparation for the 2016 Season continues throughout the Summer. The Preseason begins on August 13th against the San Diego Chargers.