Will Former Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Return To Ducks? Don’t Hold Your Breath


The rumbling of a Chip Kelly return to the Oregon Ducks may be possible, but Mark Helfrich deserves a chance to turn the season around.

Ever since the Oregon Ducks lost their first game of the season, the cries have been heard loudly of the return of someone to help the team succeed. Now that Mark Helfrich appears to have completely failed as a Head Coach according to some the calls are even louder. The name being thrown around – Chip Kelly.

Since he departed Oregon he has led the Philadelphia Eagles and also the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League. In College, his Offense was dynamic, it was innovative, it was built around the Quarterback and the Wide Receivers. Now the Oregon Offense is strugging. There is no innovation and the schemes are the same that Kelly had when he was here, which are not working.

Of course we could also talk Oregon Defense, but I won’t get into that. From the time he left, the Defense has not gotten better, but honestly, the Offense made up for the Deficiency in Defense through most of his time in Eugene. Unfortunately, it does not appear he will be making a return to the College game according to NBC Sports. according to NBC Sports.

I have heard everything from he likes San Francisco, to a return at Penn State and of course coming back to the Oregon Ducks.

"“I’ll always explore those opportunities, but, I’m not going anywhere.”Chip Kelly to the media earlier this week"

The article suggests he may return to the College game if the 49ers go into complete free fall this season, Kelly loses the team and Upper Management loses complete faith in their Head Coach, but its probably not likely. Fans of the Oregon Ducks need to realize that even though Mark Helfrich may not seem like the right guy to lead the team after four losses, he may be the best to learn and lead this team the rest of this season and beyond. The issues extend beyond just him.

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Injuries have played a part, as have breaking in new players on both Offense and Defense. Did we not forget that we also have a new Defensive Scheme that takes time to put together – like longer than a season as Brady Hoke is working with what he currently has and has recruited for his style for upcoming seasons.

Fans will still have to be patient. Remember that Helfrich has somewhat of a pass. He was the one who found Marcus Mariota and he was able to get the team out of a similar situation last season.

The Oregon Ducks need to turn it around quickly and win four of their last six games just to become bowl eligible.