Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans Brass At A Crossroads

Quarterback Marcus Mariota was a stellar player in college but has been injured far too often with the Tennessee Titans.

Marcus Mariota is entering his option year with Tennessee and Titans GM John Robinson recently had some strong words when talking about his Starting Quarterback, to stay away from taking the big hit, “Don’t take that hit. If you feel the pocket coming down on you and you take off running, and the ‘backer is coming off of coverage and he’s coming screaming at you, throw the ball away. It’s OK to punt, we’ll get another crack at it. That’s the main thing, it’s stressing to him to try as best as possible, like all quarterbacks do, to avoid getting hit.”

Mariota has missed just four games in his career, but the injuries he has suffered have been the nagging type. He had a nerve injury last year that affected his throwing ability. He has had several hamstring injuries over his years’ with the Titans as well. Mariota has spent the offseason working on adding muscle to avoid injury, but his instincts will now need to focus more on throwing the ball away than trying to find a Wide Receiver in the last second before a potential sack.

The former Oregon Quarterback needs to show he can play well and play healthy for a season. It will certainly show in his statistics if he plays injury free and a throwaway pass is better than an interception on the stat line.

Mariota and the Tennessee Titans open the NFL Preseason Schedule against Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles on August 8th. The regular season opens at the Cleveland Browns a month later on September 8th against the New Look Cleveland Browns.

The Tennessee Titans signed former Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill off a trade back in March. It is a one-year deal with $7 Million.

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