Oregon Football May Start Season Without Fans

Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced last week that we are still a long way from seeing larger crowds gathering at events like concerts and football games as we continue to work through the coronavirus pandemic.

This includes Oregon Football and you don’t have to look too far into the future to know that there are three games in September that will be affected by the gradual reopening of the state, “Large gatherings, including live sporting events with audiences, concerts, festivals, and conventions will not be able to return until we have a reliable treatment or prevention like a vaccine. The Oregon Health Authority is advising that any large gatherings at least through September should either be canceled or significantly modified.”

Right now the biggest game of the season at Autzen Stadium vs Ohio State may be played, but without anyone watching from the stands, no revenue being generated and no memories being made. Of course, this could change in the coming months as the state receives testing supplies and more details are known. One other factor that comes into play is the team on the opposing sideline. Will Ohio State, or any team for that matter be willing to travel to Eugene to play with current circumstances being what they are? I do not believe a neutral site option is on the table.

I have heard a lot in recent weeks on plans to have a college football season could play out. Less games, a later start to the season, even pushing things out six months to let this pass and have college football in the spring have been put on the table.  While there needs to be a plan in place, we don’t really know where we will be in four months just yet.

For now, hold onto your tickets. There are some positives in the world. Some countries have already started the process of returning to the new normal. Kids in Australia have returned to school. Work is being done around the clock on a vaccine. Sports are starting to creep back into our lives with baseball in South Korea. There is a light at the end of this tunnel.

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