Pac-12 Football Looking For Mid-September Start For Conference Only Slate

There are still a lot of pieces to put together before college football can resume. The Pac-12 Conference is looking at a 10 game conference slate and a mid-September start for the 2020 season.

If everything comes together, that means that Fall Camp will begin next month, around August 15th. Earlier this week, the Conference of Champions also postponed Pac-12 Media Days which typically happen the final week of July in Los Angeles. No new date has been announced. With the coronavirus pandemic, seeing some forward movement is a positive sign.

Keep in mind that almost every area of the country is in a different stage of the pandemic. Right now, California is the new ‘hotspot’ and New York is starting to see cases go down. Some areas have not yet seen the worst.

With a 10 game conference slate, it should make the deciding factor for the potential College Football Playoff a little easier. Since in a given year, the Pac-12, just like every other conference beat themselves up or out of the competition. It will certainly make the season entertaining, but a one or two loss team may not be the ones to make it for a chance at a National Championship in 2020, that is if we get that far.

Let’s take a closer look at how the 10 game slate will look. Each team will play their respective division opponents and five of six teams from the other division. It has already been leaked that Oregon may end up facing Utah in the first week of the season which is set to start September 19th. It would likely be a road game for Oregon and a rematch of the Pac-12 Championship game from a year ago.

The new schedule for the Pac-12 Conference will be released next week.