Coaches Poll: Oregon Football Opens Season Ranked Ninth Leading Three Pac-12 Teams

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the sports world, even as we get set for college football and what it will look like in 2020. The Amway Coaches Poll was released on Wednesday and it reflects what a conference only slate will look like.

The Pac-12 over the years has not garnered much in the way of respect, and the at is clear in the first poll of the year. Just three schools from the Conference of Champions are represented in a very heavy ACC, SEC ranking.

Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio State are the top three schools to start the year. On a quick side note, the Buckeyes have replaced their date with Oregon to face Big Ten foe Rutgers, not quite your offensive powerhouse, but it is 2020 after all. Following the Buckeyes are the Georgia Bulldogs. The second Big Ten school ranked 7th is Penn State. Wisconsin, who the Ducks beat in last year’s Rose Bowl are ranked outside the top ten at 12th.

For the Oregon Football team facing a Pac-12 only schedule this season and their likely toughest competition for the Pac-12 title in USC ranked 17th to start the year, the Ducks open the season 9th and will likely be outside the top five unless there are some key losses. Of course, this 2020 season is going to be strange and we should probably just let it play out and see where things fall.

The Utah Utes open the season ranked 20th, and will face Oregon at the end of the season. Winning may be the only way to have a top ten Pac-12 Championship as something to hope for this year. Other teams that were in the vote receiving category according to where they would be ranked also include Arizona State at 28th, Washington at 32, Washington State at 41, California at 43, and Stanford at 47.