2024 Oregon football schedule: When is Oregon Ducks vs. Illinois?

The eighth game of the 2024 Oregon football schedule includes welcoming a very Midwest and traditional member of the Big Ten to Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon.
Autzen Stadium
Autzen Stadium / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

Back from a road trip to the Midwest, Dan Lanning and the Oregon Ducks get the opportunity to welcome another very Midwest member of the Big Ten to play in Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. During the eighth game of the 2024 Oregon football stadium, the Oregon Ducks will host Bret Bieleman and the Illinois Fighting Illini.

The game in and of itself doesn’t exactly yield many exciting storylines when examining things from a bird’s eye view. That said, this matchup between Oregon and Illinois does give the Ducks yet another chance to defend Autzen Stadium against a traditional member of the Big Ten and further establish Oregon within the conference.

On top of that, given that this is a Bret Bielema-coached program, the style of football that Illinois plays will be drastically different than one that Oregon football fans are used to. Unless, you know, you’ve been paying a whole bunch of attention to Stanford over the past few years that is.

2024 Oregon Ducks Schedule: Fighting Illini come to Autzen Stadium

This game comes at an interesting time for Lanning and the Ducks. Scheduled a couple weeks after the big home game against the Ohio State Buckeyes but before another intriguing test against a prominent Big Ten football team. 

So, the eighth game of the 2024 Oregon Ducks schedule, at some point in the afternoon (there are currently three different possible kickoff times that have been set up for this game for some reason) could honestly be a bit of a trap game. 

Because the week after Oregon hosts Illinois? Well, they’ll be off to Ann Arbor, Michigan to face the Michigan Wolverines (the defending Big Ten and national champs) in the Big House.

That means this matchup with Illinois might get tricky if Oregon isn’t paying too close attention.

2024 Oregon football schedule: Ducks vs. Illinois

  • Who: Oregon Ducks vs. Illinois Fighting Illini
  • What: Eighth game of the 2024 Oregon Ducks schedule
  • When: Saturday, October 26 at 12:30 p.m., 1 p.m., or 4:30 p.m.
  • Where: Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon

This is another game that, theoretically speaking, should be a bit of an easy win for Lanning and his Ducks. But, well, sometimes odd things do happen in college football. And with the Michigan Wolverines welcoming Oregon to Ann Arbor the week after this matchup, the Ducks’ eighth game on the 2024 Oregon football schedule could be closer than most of us are hoping or expecting.

Objectively speaking and looking at this through a rational lens though? It should be a big win for Lanning and the Oregon football team.